Letter to the Editor: The truth goes a long way

To the Editor:

Mr. Trump has been fact checked for 30,573 misleading statements. In his April 7 letter to the editor, Jeff Johnson wants to know, “who cares?”.

I do. It’s hard to believe anything Mr. Johnson writes when it doesn’t seem he respects the truth by asking that question. He seems to just want to repeat the same lies.

Hate? January 6 the United States Capitol building was stormed during a riot and violent attack. Guns, knives, pipe bombs, bear spray and more were used against the Capitol police. Five people dead. Trump flags flying and his supporters destroying property.

I appreciate Mr. Hill, Mrs. Klees, Mrs. Pratte and Ms. Hart for fact checking their statements. The truth goes a long way when it doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

I appreciate President Biden saving our natural resources from the companies that choose to profit from destroying them. I appreciate my fellow Democrats for using your right to vote to choose honesty and decency.

Gloria Melsha
Harpers Ferry