Over 50 complete VMH Babysitting Seminars

Congratulations to the numerous students who completed the recent Veterans Memorial Hospital Babysitting classes Saturday, April 10. The classes were instructed by Corinne Cook, RN, assisted by Kim Gossling, RN, and consisted of teaching the qualities of a good babysitter including basic child care, accident prevention and first aid.

These new babysitters learned CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and the Heimlach Maneuver thanks to hospital staff members Kelly Baxter, Laura Baxter, Elizabeth Hoins and Mary Jo Meyer, who taught the Baby Shark Hands Only CPR program. Police Chief Paul Wagner from the Waukon Police Department also attended and discussed personal safety. Chris Dahlstrom from the Fire Department instructed the students on fire safety.

The students who completed the Veterans Memorial Hospital Babysitting morning seminar included Gabriele McCormick, Grant McCormick, Ali Melcher, Braelyn Zuercher, Elsie Clarke, Madison Mathews, Morgan Mohn, Tenley Deering, Lily Roffman, Stella Berger, Evelyn Regan, Lily McMullen, Brody Bernau, Ava Deeney, Seth Lloyd, Tegan Dahlstrom, Serenity Enyart, Madison Eilers, Savannah Whiteaker and Tanner Burrichter.

Those who attended the afternoon session included Elijah Weighner, Laila Weighner, Alexus Rowan, Ella Ward, Sandy Ward, Allison Dehli, Nalia Benda, Peyton Crary, Kenric Christen, Lauren Plein, Nevayah Colsch, Allia Ericson, Natalie Dietrich, Elsie Sweeney, Taylynn Rios, Delia Acevedo, McKenzie Leiran, Connor Stilwell and Kayden Copp.

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