Letter to the Editor: Democratic Party votes for everyday Americans

To the Editor:

Iowans have always valued helping and supporting our neighbors. We step up when a farmer is in the hospital and needs crops planted or harvested, or when our neighbor is out of town and needs someone to care for their pets or lawn, or when our community is planting trees to improve the park and curbsides.

Members of the Democratic Party support and vote for this value. During the pandemic our national Democratic legislators passed the American Rescue Package putting $1400 in everyday American accounts, making sure there is food available for those struggling to provide for their families, reducing child poverty and financially supporting small businesses.

Our two Republican senators, Grassley and Ernst, and our Republican legislator, Hinson, voted no on this bill, failing to support this life-saving relief for everyday Iowans.

The Democratic Party listens to everyday Americans and votes to make sure they are not forgotten -  that they are supported by the legislators they elect.

Kathy Hay


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