Letter to the Editor: Delivering for everyday people

To the Editor:

Hit by this pandemic, hardworking Americans have struggled to make ends meet and to provide for their families. Millions lost their jobs, couldn’t pay mortgages or afford health insurance and found themselves standing in food lines to put food on the table. Fearing the COVID-19 virus, Iowans drove miles and hours trying to find a vaccination site.

President Biden and the House and Senate Democrats acted quickly to alleviate the suffering by passing the American Rescue Plan and President Biden signed it into law in March.  The American Rescue Plan passed without one Republican vote. The conclusion is that the President and Democrats care about everyday people while Republicans could care less.

Help through the American Rescue Plan came in the form of wide distribution of vaccine and readily available vaccination sites.  Direct payments of $1,400 went out to every man, woman, dependent adult and child who made less than $75,000. This money was a life raft for everyday people.

Other provisions of the American Rescue Plan address the needs of small business owners, disadvantaged farmers, people who are unemployed, those without health insurance, K-12 students and college students with federal student loans. July 15, families who are eligible will start receiving the Child Tax Credit (direct payments) which some have compared to Social Security for families with children.

The American Rescue Plan is the most significant legislation to help everyday Americans since The New Deal. It will result in strengthening our communities and our families.

Karen Pratte