Infusion treatments close to home save much time

Infusion treatments available locally at Veterans Memorial Hospital ... Pictured above, Judy Lonning of Waukon with Brooke Weighner, RN, and below, Mary Hogan of Lansing with Andi Goltz, RN. Both patients were able to have infusion treatments at Veterans Memorial Hospital (VMH) as a more convenient option, rather than traveling out of the area to a larger medical facility. Submitted photos.

Infusion Treatments, also called IV Therapy, are conveniently offered locally at Veterans Memorial Hospital, saving patients numerous, tiring trips out of town for the same service. Infusion therapy is performed when medications or fluids cannot be taken by mouth or a stronger version of this medication is needed. These fluids or medications are delivered directly into the body through a vein with an IV. Infusions and treatments can be given as often as twice per day or as seldom as a one-time dose.

The Veterans Memorial Hospital Infusion and Treatment Center offers a wide variety of outpatient infusion services, close to home.  Dressing changes, blood transfusions, medications and much more is offered locally by skilled  registered nurses. Their goal is to offer these well organized and comfortable treatment plans to save patients and their family members time and energy.

The regiment for these infusion treatments can really vary and may be as often as twice per day or as little as one time only, but many times the administration of each bag of I.V. medication can take quite some time, even up to four hours.  Driving out of town to larger facilities for this service can be very hard on patients, especially when they need frequent treatments.

The Surgery department is happy to offer this service locally, allowing patients more time without travel in between their treatments for quicker healing. Registered Nurses Andi Goltz and Brooke Weighner both spearhead this local service, which is now conveniently located in the lower level of the new Veterans Memorial Hospital Medical Clinic.  This quiet, private location allows patients time for needed rest, sleeping, reading or even watching movies or listening to music.

Some examples of the services offered include:

• Dressing Changes and Wound Care
• IV Antibiotic Therapy
• IV Infusions
• Anti-Inflammatory  and Steroid Therapy
• Blood Transfusions
• Iron  Therapy
• Hydration  and Electrolyte Replacement
• Medication Injections
• Pain Management
• Immunoglobin Treatments
• Port Care and PICC Line Care
• EKGs

Judy Lonning of Waukon was very familiar with the infusion and wound care services offered at Veterans Memorial Hospital, so when wound care and IV therapy was needed, she knew she could stay right in Waukon.  She states, “I came into the ER at Veterans Memorial Hospital, and Bob, the ER Provider, knew exactly what to do.  I needed wound care and  IVs every day, 12 hours apart, for three weeks so I was very thankful I could have these locally in Waukon.  I would have had to have gotten a hotel room if I had to drive to LaCrosse every day twice a day for these treatments.  I was just so glad I could be at home.”

“Every morning at 7 a.m. and every evening at 7 p.m., the receptionists met me with a smile, friendly and cheerful, which is so nice to see when you are in pain,” adds Judy.  “The nurses were all so gentle and so careful with me, doing my wound changes and administering the IV, and shared my progress with my physician each week, keeping him up to date. I am always amazed at how well everyone works together at VMH. One time I needed my IV changed and the Nurse Anesthetist even came right in to help. I am all healed up now and doing well. I couldn’t have been more pleased with all the care.”

At other times, patients need to ask if their care can be provided closer to their home. Mary Hogan of Lansing was attending a physical therapy appointment at Veterans Memorial Hospital when her physician’s office called to inform her she needed IV therapy.  She states, “My physical therapist said they could do that right here in Waukon, so I handed the phone over to her and they lined it all up for me! I would not have known I could have this service locally if I wasn’t at the hospital at that time. The staff was so accommodating and very good to me, even on the weekend when I came in for treatments. I had the same staff person all three times and she was very considerate of my comfort every time, getting me coffee, juice, a blanket…whatever I needed to keep me comfortable.  I would go there for any IV treatments again in a heartbeat!”

The Veterans Memorial Hospital Surgery Staff encourages anyone needing any of these services to ask their provider if their care can be performed locally at Veterans Memorial Hospital. The Veterans Memorial Hospital nursing staff conveniently coordinates the needed treatment plan with each provider for each patient.

For questions or for more information, medical providers are encouraged to contact Andi Goltz, RN or Brooke Weigher, RN at Veterans Memorial Hospital at 563-568-3411.