Letter to the Editor: Compassion

To the Editor:

As I review the laws enacted and the policies of the Republican legislature, I wonder, where is compassion? A few examples of these laws include returning $97 million dollars that the public schools could use, stopping the supplemental unemployment the Federal government issued, not distributing the rent subsidies, prohibiting teachers from examining race relations in order to create a better understanding of the divide between minorities and whites, not raising the minimum wage, and sending Iowa State Patrol troopers to the U.S. border instead of keeping them in Iowa to provide law enforcement in our state.

Where is compassion? Are you working hard but still don’t have enough money to make ends meet? Have you been unable to make your farm or mortgage payment on time? Worried about losing your home? Are you fearful that your kids are behind in school due to COVID-19? Are you concerned about the drought, flooding or fires?

The Republicans haven’t shown any compassion, not caring about those who can’t find a job, or who are unable to make their farm or home mortgage, fearful parents, or concerned citizens.

The Democrats are working for everyday Iowans. Being the minority, the Democrats can’t stop the war on the everyday Iowans that the Republicans are waging. Being compassionate is a strength; helping the people who are working hard but still not having enough money; helping Iowa parents cope with the aftermath of COVID-19 will improve our school-age children and public education; listening to the needs of Iowans is what our legislators need to do.

If these are your concerns, think about voting for a Democratic legislator. Voting Democratic means voting for compassionate laws and policies that help everyday Iowans.

Ann Fields