Handmade quilts presented to Thornton Manor...

Thursday, September 16, Thornton Manor in Lansing was honored to receive from Arlis Myhre of New Albin and Eileen Smith of Lansing 50 handmade quilts which the two ladies had made over the last year. The presentation started with a very special blessing of the quilts by Pastor Carter Jorgensen (photo below), husband of Thornton Manor’s new recreation therapist Alyssa Jorgensen.

Thornton Manor Environmental Services Director Diane DeLong had asked the two ladies if they would be interested in making some quilts to make each resident’s room more home-like. The ladies agreed without hesitation and got started right away.  

The quilts were made in honor and remembrance of Arlis Myhre’s dad, Ray Mulholland, and Eileen Smith’s mother, Margaret Geier. Each quilt has a different fabric and design and required many hours and days of work, not to mention the money spent on all the variety of materials for each quilt. Myhre spent hours on her special long-arm sewing machine stitching a design on top of each quilt. After the blessing of the quilts and presentation, some of the quilts were paraded around for all the residents to see close up and feel (as pictured above).

The two quilters said, “The goal of each quilt is to provide peace, comfort, joy and love for residents at Thornton Manor, currently and for years to come.” Thornton Manor Recreation Therapy Director/Volunteer Coordinator Karen Ulrich shared, “Thank you to all for a very special afternoon. What a great community we have supporting Thornton Manor. We are truly blessed.” Photos and information submitted by Karen Ulrich.