Letter to the Editor: Thoughts on legislation

To the Editor:

I know this anti-abortion/anti-birth control legislation is religion getting its nose into law. They find Bible verses against abortion, but there’s nothing in the Bible to say you cannot drive your machine as fast as it will go, so they find nothing wrong with the murder and manslaughter that comes from it. The writers didn’t foresee a time when every traveler uses a deadly machine capable of killing other lives, which is something they couldn’t do with horse travel.

They pass anti-abortion/anti-birth control legislation, but they also vote for increased speed limits, bans on enforcement cameras and ease existing speed laws because they get their election funding from big money/big business/big trucking and places that don’t want any law on the roads, because they think their time, profits and schedule are more important than the lives that get snuffed out from more speed. They also want the death penalty and they find nothing wrong with the police killing non-dangerous, non-attacking citizens, and nothing wrong with the cruelty that is done to animals and birds. They’re pro-death. They’re only pro-birth, pro-religion. They’re the worst hypocrites I know of.

The Constitution says what the judges make it say. the Iowa Constitution Article 1 - Bill of Rights, Section 1 guarantees the rights of equality, freedom, happiness and liberty. Women have none of the above when forced to carry pregnancies they don’t want, therefore, abortion is “constitutional”. Anti-abortion judges will overlook the above words.

That tyrannical anti-abortion law in Texas says anyone can sue anyone for helping a woman get an abortion. Its real intent is to prevent women from traveling to a different state where abortion is legal. Car and bus drivers, airplane pilots, flight attendants, baggage handlers and ticket agents could all be sued.

It sounds like Taliban law and would make good business for trial lawyers.

Herman Lenz