Lansing City Council approves lighting the new bridge; City receives $20,000 grant for updating electrical and pump house at swimming pool

by Julie Berg-Raymond

During its regular meeting Monday, November 1, the Lansing City Council approved lighting the bridge that will replace the historic Black Hawk Bridge in the next few years.

“The council approved bridge lighting - meaning we are giving the DOT (Iowa Department of Transportation) the go-ahead to install the (necessary) wiring, etc.,” Lansing Mayor Melissa Hammell further explained. “Formal discussion on how to pay for that still needs to happen.”

Referring to information provided by the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT), Mayor Hammell said, “the City will receive a construction agreement in late 2022 or early 2023 which will outline the City costs for utilities plus the lighting. If there is need for fund raising, there is still time. The project will be let July 2023. Installation of the lighting would occur after bridge construction, likely before it is open to traffic - late 2025 is the estimate.”

The lighting options range in cost between $68,310 and $111,210.

It was also reported at the November 1 meeting that when Damon Construction of New Albin began repair work on the guardhouse/shower at the Lansing Swimming Pool, damage to the aging wall blocks was determined to be more significant than had originally been assumed.

“Once they began work, it was noticed that due to the age of the blocks we may need to go in a different direction,” Lansing City Clerk Katie Becker said.

“The next step is to repair and replace some of the concrete blocks and re-chink the mortar between blocks,” according to Parks and Recreation Board Chair Maryann Baldwin.

In further follow-up, Baldwin also noted that the City of Lansing has received a $20,000 grant from the Arlin Falck Foundation based on an application the Parks and Recreation Board submitted to update the electrical system and the pump house for the swimming pool.

In a special city council meeting that was held Wednesday, November 3 and consisted of just one agenda item, the Lansing City Council approved the liquor license renewal for The Other Place on Main Street in Lansing. The next regular meeting of the Lansing City Council is scheduled for Monday, November 15 at 7 p.m. at Lansing City Hall.