Letter to the Editor from Lowell L. Engle

To the Editor:

Congratulations to Scott Boylen for his insightful, compassionate and heartfelt letter of November 3. We can all agree that there is entirely too much vitriol and divisiveness in the country at the moment and any effort to lessen that and to bring us together should be applauded.

However, Mr. Boylen appears to dismiss the reasons for what he is seeing without giving consideration to why what is happening is happening. There are myriad reasons for why the phenomena he dislikes is happening.

The vitriol has a very real basis for its presence. Mr. Boylen appears to have forgotten that President Trump was vilified and condemned by the Main Street Media and the Democrat Party for four years. And he apparently dismisses the fact that the two-year impeachment investigation into collusion with Russia was based on “evidence” created and paid for by high-ranking members of the Democrat Party. He also does not mention that we are dealing with a justice system that treats Republicans much more harshly than Democrats. Why has no one been held to account for the hit job on the former president?

And Mr. Boylen seems to agree with the Democrats who are pushing the false notion that climate change is an existential threat. There is not a meteorologist that I have heard who agrees with that. And still the current administration is pushing to spend billions of dollars to combat this non-existing threat.

Maybe some people are more than irate that we are back in the climate accord and we are the only country in the world that has reduced its carbon emissions in the past four years.  Those same people might be irate over the fact that China is building 3,000 new coal-powered energy producing plants and they have not joined the climate accord. Nor has Russia, India, Africa or any country in South America that I am aware of.

Maybe those same people who are displaying the items which Mr. Boylen condemns are upset that the Keystone Pipeline was canceled, which cost thousands of high paying jobs in this country and rather than maintain our own energy independence, attained by the Trump administration, this administration is calling on OPEC to pump more oil to try to reduce the price of gasoline.

Maybe those same people are irate over the politicization of the Justice Department to investigate domestic terrorists, i.e, parents protesting the cover-up of sex crimes in schools.

I for one am irate over the fact that we now have open borders and millions of illegals are coming into the country and are being offered free health care and education and that tons of illegal drugs are being brought into the country by many of those illegals. I know that the first responsibility of the president is to uphold the Constitution and protect our country. That is not happening.

So, I am speaking up.  We can change the way we protest what is happening to our country, and we probably should. But it takes two sides to accomplish that. I see no effort on the part of the Democrat Party, other than Mr. Boylen, to be part of that effort. Watch CNN and the Main Stream Media.

I believe we can now take heart in the fact that the vast majority of the people in the country believe we are on the wrong path, and when those of us who oppose what is happening vote in the next election, those changes will occur.

Lowell L. Engle
Harper Ferry
Community member