Letter to the Editor from Osmund “Ozzie” Quandahl

To the Editor:

I feel compelled to write this letter, but being 95 years old in a couple days, writing is not easy. I feel so let down by the National Republican Party when they did get in power and could have changed some things, like Planned Parenthood, letting the clergy speak their mind regarding politics, putting the Bible and Ten Commandments back in public schools, securing our borders. Congress has low respect, only 11% approval - worse than a used car salesperson.

I feel let down by G.W. Bush, who I voted for and only to hear him criticize Trump, what a joke. You can bet your bottom dollar that Bush was a guest of Clinton’s many trips with Epstein to his fantasy island.

Our government has built 105 Planned Parenthood buildings and gives $500,000 to one million dollars to run the devilish organization every year. Killing babies by the millions has to stop, and so does letting people illegally into our country by the millions. Some are sick, some are terrorists and want to harm our country.

Shame on the Democrats for the open border policy and shame on them for the way they left Afghanistan. Shame on the Democrats for closing down the pipelines; gas and electric energy will sky rocket. We need the Infrastructure Bill to pass, but not the one that the Democrats propose - 2600 pages with very little of that going for infrastructure, mostly pork for the Democrats.

Biden and his buddies preach hate Trump, that’s the only thing they ran on. Trump did more good for our country than any other president; 75,000,000 voted for him, and when he runs in 2024, he will have over 100,000,000 votes. Now, like I said, the Democrats’ only mantra was to hate Trump.

Now I’ll mention a few things you Democrats should hate: The opening of our borders, the debacle of leaving Afghanistan, the price of gas and electricity, the empty shelves in many places. The smart Democrats that see what’s happening to our country should start praying and supporting Trump. No other Republican can carry water to Trump, a true God-sent leader.

The Democrats, Marxists, Socialists, Communists, whatever they are, openly criticize Christianity. You would think that every pastor, priest and Christian congregation would not like that. We need a big great revival in America. If we eliminate all our laws and live by the 10 Commandments, within a short time, the USA would be super great again. In a survey, 60%-plus said they were not for Biden. Again, my question is: What kind of people are the other 40%?

Now my last thoughts in this letter that’s too long already, but here goes. We are inviting illegal people into our country, and we treat them better than our own citizens. We give them education, medical attention, food, while we have many homeless people and people in the poor sections of our cities.

If Trump had been elected, he and Dr. Carson would have really helped these people. They would build good schools with the help of Christians, and the students would like school and turn out to be good U.S. citizens and would stop the killing of each other. A lot of our big cities are like war zones.

Kindest Regards
& God Bless,
Osmund “Ozzie”