Letter to the Editor: High school musical performance spells success

To the Editor:

Going to school on a cool November night gave a Waukon audience more candy for their depleted trick-or-treat bags. “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” was a delightful dive into the world of childhood angst and ambition.

Madelyn Helgerson shown brightly as the contest moderator, deftly maneuvering contestants through the peaks and valleys of competition. Abby Wiemerslage captured the mercurial BAR-FAY with style and command.

Annelise Ellingson was special and sprightly bounding across the stage. Her exit was memorable. Gabe Goettel was pure joy tossing his hair.

Olivia Dougherty had the audience loving her longing portrayal. Kiera Miller had a great, intense style.  Caleb Perkins showed versatility and presence in his roles. Sofia Acosta loomed commandingly large as the anachronistic comfort counselor. Jacqueline Maruna had a marvelous meltdown. Special mentions must be made of Molly Peake and Erieann Goettel. Audience spellers Connor, Marcus and Cameron were so fun.

And come on audience, I know the cast wasn’t the Rockettes, but every kick line deserves applause! Plus, Jesus doing a bang-on boogie needed a “standing O”.

The “prom-esque” set was perfect for the gymnastic delivery of this show.  And the banners - what a bizarre collection of achievement, I wanna go there! The backstage pit band lended great tempos and nice orchestration to the lively tune and lyrics.

I know it’s me and so I refrained from yelling, “Wait, what was that line?”. Got almost all of it, though. Besides, their faces and body told and sold it.

Huge credit goes to the Sarahs as they put on this BEE for us to SEE. What skill they have to tease these wonderful performances out of our children. The staff and school board of Allamakee Community Schools are to be commended for supporting the dramatic arts that teach our children so many valuable skills. E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T, Excellent.

Russ Hagen