Letter to the Editor: Infrastructure Bill passed by Democrats

To the Editor:

The newly passed Infrastructure Bill means no new taxes for Iowans, yet will bring better roads and bridges, and new construction jobs for Iowans.

However, the three Republican Iowa U.S. Representatives voted “no”. They voted “no” even though this money will provide needed roads, bridges, water improvements, regional airport renovations, and broadband without raising taxes. Ashley Hinson, the representative for northeast Iowa, did not represent the needs of northeastern Iowans by voting “no”. Only Cindy Axne, the lone Iowa U.S. Democrat Representative voted “yes”.

Thankfully, the Democrats passed the Infrastructure Bill. For Iowa, that means $3.4 billion over five years, or approximately $700 million per year, that Iowans will not have to pay. Because infrastructure is generally paid for by state and local taxes, Iowans will receive the needed infrastructure improvements without the state of Iowa or local entities increasing taxes.

Iowa needs this money. According to the Des Moines Register (Stratton, 9 Nov, 2021), “Iowa leads the nation in structurally deficient bridges. More than 4,500 are structurally deficient. The majority of those bridges belong to Iowa’s 99 counties and their rural bridges that dot the landscape of Iowa.” Iowa needs the money to improve our sorely lacking bridges.

Increased broadband and less expensive cell phone service and wi-fi will help rural Iowa, just as the rural electric cooperatives helped rural Iowa in the 1950s. Being better connected without taxing the recipient will ensure that rural communities can provide connectivity for its citizens.

Yes, Democrats helped everyday Iowans by passing the Infrastructure Bill.

Ann Fields