Downtown Lansing sees promising growth over the past 12 months

Downtown Lansing has seen remarkable growth in the past year. According to statistics collected by Main Street Lansing, Lansing experienced an increase in businesses, employees and downtown residents in the past 12 months.

“Seeing so much positive growth in Lansing is very encouraging, especially considering the fact that there was a global shutdown due to a pandemic only a year ago,” said Andy Kelleher, Executive Director of Main Street Lansing.

From 2020 to 2021, downtown Lansing gained five businesses; four new businesses and one that relocated to a downtown space. These businesses include:

The Gourmet Traveler, located at 211 Main Street, offers unique kitchen items, home decor and specialty gourmet foods.

Backwater Suites, located at 10 South 2nd Street, offers locally-owned vacation lodging one block from the Mississippi River.

Lansing Office Works, located at 274 Main Street, offers a collaborative co-working space for remote workers, small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Wood Media, located at 274 Main Street, offers strategic web design and branding as well as one-on-one website assistance.

Driftless Integrative Psychiatry, located at 20 North Second Street, is a heart-centered and holistic clinic that specializes in helping people feel empowered to activate their inner healing.

In addition to the new businesses, one downtown business, Mississippi Valley Realty, moved to a new space at 341 Main Street, filling a vacant storefront and further contributing to a vibrant downtown. Currently, the downtown district only has four vacant storefronts.

From 2020 to 2021, Lansing saw an increase of 20 full-time employees, growing from 142 to 162. Additionally, Lansing saw an increase of 23 part-time employees, growing from 194 to 217.

Residentially, even though the town’s total population decreased according to the U.S. Census, Lansing’s downtown resident count increased by 11 from 117 to 128 people.

In 2020 alone, Main Street Lansing recorded 1,300 volunteer hours dedicated to helping downtown Lansing thrive. According to the current national estimate of the value of a volunteer hour, which is $28.54 according to Independent Sector, these volunteer hours have a total value of $37,102 invested in Lansing. Since becoming a designated Main Street Iowa program in 2012, Main Street Lansing has recorded 27,044 volunteer hours for an estimated value of $771,835.76.

Since 2012, Main Street Lansing has recorded 23 new business openings, $1,843,692 invested across more than 20 major projects, and $2,412,400 spent on building acquisition.

“We hope the Lansing community feels proud of these numbers,” said Kelleher. “Lansing is growing and developing in ways that make the future very promising. We hope interested individuals can look at Lansing’s growth and agree that it’s a place where Main Street matters.”

Those who have any questions about these statistics, or who would like to contribute to the growth Lansing is experiencing, are invited to reach out to Main Street Lansing at 563-538-9229 or They can also stop by Main Street Lansing’s new office at Lansing Office Works, 274 Main Street.