Memorials received by Health Care Foundation

Memorials were recently received by the Veterans Memorial Health Care Foundation in memory of Shirley Elliott by Dave and Karen Mathis, Cindy Barness, Angeline Schulte, Chuck and Lois Votsmier, Ron and Nancy Brandt, Mary Ann Hager, Thomas and Judy Kemp, and Pat Pettingill.

Memorials were also received in memory of Eleanor O’Neill by Jerry and Linda Siegrist, Sandra Williams, Mary Axmear, Kay Carter, Kathy Clark, Nan Grangaard, Jim and Jill Kiesau, Roger and Rita Ludwig, Dave and Laurie Martin, Dale and Rita Mathis, Don and Connie Nagel, Sigurd and Barb Ness, Diane Regan, Gary and Janis Schulte, Larry and Nancy Straate, Terry and Laurie Welch, Barb White, and Chuck and Lois Votsmier.

In addition, the Foundation received memorial donations from Albin Massman in memory of Verna Massman, by Jeff Moe and Mary Ann Hager in memory of Dominick Damiano, and by Carol Paus and Richard and Sue Schulte in memory of Willard Meyer.

Memorials and donations are greatly appreciated by the Veterans Memorial Health Care Foundation.  The Foundation is a 501C3 organization. All donations to the Foundation are tax deductible. Memorials and donations can be sent to 40 First Street SE, Waukon, IA  52172.