Memorials received by Health Care Foundation

Numerous memorials were received by the Veterans Memorial Health Care Foundation in memory of Jerry Siegrist by Jim Klenske, Randy and Karen Loeb, Dave and Laurie Martin, JoAnn Peake, Jim and Linda Ryan, Angeline Schulte, Tom and Lynn Thomson, Chuck and Lois Votsmier, Ron and Nancy Adam, Marilyn Anderson, Audrey Angel, Keith and Carol Bakkum, Brad and Erin Berns, Chuck and Maxine Bloxham, Ron and Nancy Brandt, Sandra Bresnahan, Gary and Karen Bristle, Wayne and Joan Burk, Jane Butler, Carl and Betty Christianson, Sheila Clair, Dave Davies, Betty Decker, Gayle and Carol Decker, Dave and Cheryl Duncklee, John and Shelly Elliott, Matt and Amy Garrett, Mike and Cindy Gibbs, Nan Grangaard, Lee and Gran Gruenhaupt, Jon and Amy Hagen, Dr. David and Suzanne Hahn, Don and DiAnn Haler,  Barton and Marilyn Hamm, Lollie Hirth, Jeremy and Heather Hogan, Helen Johnson, Jim and Jill Kiesau, Nancy Kruse, Joanne Larson, Marlys Leiran, Richard and Joan Leiran, Susan and Charles LeMaster, Robert and Jeanne Mathis, Joan McAnany, Mike and Sue McMillan, Patrick McMillan, Jim and Ellen Mellick, Maurice Mooney, Donald and Connie Nagel, Sigurd and Barb Ness, Linda Nolting, Mary Jo Nordheim, Ernie and Donnalee Osland, Norbert and Nola Palmer, Scott and Diane Pederson, Ann Rademaker, Diane Regan, Deb Rixen, Wayne and Nona Sawyer, Jananne Selberg, Joel and Teresa Sommer, Ed and Karen Stamper, Larry and Nancy Straate, Marvin and Marjorie Strike, Jane Tepesch, Don and Thea Thies, Linda Thompson, Betty Troendle, Jerry and Marilyn Troendle, Waukon Feed Ranch, Donald and Janice Webber, Jackie Westby, Betty White, Steven and Lori Willemssen, Ron and Kim Winters, Dr. Bill Withers, Kate Wooden, Jan Brandsmeier, Gary and Marlene Houg, Wayne and Marlene Iverson, Karen Koza, Ed and Chris Lauerman, Maureen Mahoney, Lowell and Cindy Monroe, Rusty Berger Mansonry, Inc., Randy and Patty Nordheim, Joann Spear, Arlene and Karlene Wonderlich, Bill and Beth Shafer, and Linda Siegrist.

Memorials and donations are appreciated by the Veterans Memorial Health Care Foundation.  The Foundation is a 501C3 organization. All donations to the Foundation are tax deductible. Memorials and donations can be sent to the Veterans Memorial Health Care Foundation, 40 First Street SE, Waukon, IA  52172.