Letter to the Editor: Concerns within the city

To the Editor:

I hate to write but there are a few things that concern me.

I have lived in the city of Waukon for a long time and walked on sidewalks that were essentially flat. Now with the new sidewalks in many places - like Main Street, Allamakee Street near the stop light, between the Presbyterian Church parking lot and St Patrick’s Church, to name a few - by some feat of engineering the new sidewalks now slope to the curb.

This town gets a lot of snow and ice. Imagine the hazard when someone steps out of a vehicle onto the curb and ends up under the vehicle. I hope this town has lots of liability insurance when someone gets hurt and the out-of-town lawyer firm hears about it. I expect that the most egregious of these mistakes (yes, I said “mistakes”) to be corrected in a timely manner.

We have a Mayor, City Council, City Planner, City Engineer, City Attorney (I am sure I missed some). What else do we need? Certainly not anyone with a major fracture.

In visiting with an out-of-towner, the comment was made, “Fix the streets!” (not my words). I told him I paid for my street and somehow rules changed and if any streets really get fixed, those of us who paid for our streets will be required to pay again.

Where is the money? He questioned the cost of every plane landed at our airport in a year’s time. How many planes land in a year’s time? Since the City owns the airport, what is the cost to the City for each plane landed?   Next comment was, “Sell the airport” (not my words). That land is worth money. “Build some houses” (not my words). I cannot comment, but this is what outsiders see.

Now, from what I understand, the City wants the County to take over the hospital expenses. Somehow, it is up to us to think a little bit and be involved. Sorry, but I have gotten in trouble in prior years for pointing out a few things. We know there are pros and cons. I do not know or suggest answers. I do think the hospital is important to keep our city viable.

I am not afraid to write as I am old school. My flip phone does not take messages, but I do, so call me. Phone 563-217-0992. If I run out of minutes, my significant other has promised to buy me more.

I know these may all be slippery slope subjects. But, if I do not say it, who will? If you see something, say something.

On this hospital item, I understand that we will get a chance to vote on it. So do your research and figure out how you want to vote in November.

Herb Larkin