Letter to the Editor: In response to a multitude of items

To the Editor:

This is in response to one of last week’s letters that mentioned a multitude of items.

Inflation... yes, it’s high... and it’s driven by numerous things... many of which Washington has no control over as we’re a consumer-driven society. “Covid,” and to some extent the “Ukrainian War,” are the biggest factors for the high inflation.

People are buying more, however, manufacturing scaled back due to lack of demand during Covid and still hasn’t caught up... plus, shortage of labor, materials and shipping. Washington could do “price controls” and “wage freezes” and it would stop inflation... but that’s “socialism”... not “capitalism”.

Fossil Fuel... it’s a limited resource. The known oil reserves at current consumption will last about 40 years,  and the known coal reserves at current consumption will last about 133 years. Now... I agree that’s longer than my lifetime... but let’s stop being selfish and start thinking about our grandchildren and generations after them. We need to store the fossil fuels for emergencies, the non-sunny/windy day... as large capacity storage of electricity is still in the works.

Now, one item that wasn’t mentioned, was the “stolen election and the January 6 insurrection. “If” - and I say “if” - someone was going to rig the election, why just the Presidential race? Why not add ten Senators and have the 60 majority in the Senate... easier to pass your agendas. It sounds more like someone’s ego got popped.

And those that were involved with the January 6 event (includes planning) should be tried for sedition/treason (the country was still at war) for trying to overthrow our government... Where is the evidence of major election fraud? Almost two years later... no “Breaking News”, no “front page” headlines.

Allen Lyon