Pursuit of something she’s always loved results in Tatum Miller opening her own photography studio

First Dollar visit for Tatum Miller Photography ... Tatum Miller Photography, a new photography studio recently opened at 7 West Main Street in Waukon, received a First Dollar visit from the Waukon Chamber of Commerce. Pictured above at that First Dollar visit are, left to right, Tatum Miller Photography owner Tatum Miller and Waukon Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Laurie Adrian. Photo courtesy of the Waukon Chamber of Commerce.

Pursuing something that she’s always loved, Waukon native Tatum Miller has recently opened her own photography studio at 7 West Main Street in Waukon. That location that previously housed Bodensteiner Insurance and was the long-time office of Ewing Real Estate prior to that, has now been transformed into the new home of Tatum Miller Photography.

“I’ve always loved photography,” the former Tatum Tierney shared. “It would be one regret that I would have if I never gave it a try.”

Miller wants the end result for her customers to be more than just the photos the camera produces - she wants them to take away a complete experience. It is that aspect that she wants to build on in making her photography business unique.

“I want to make this my own, and that’s hard to do when you’re just following what others have done or are doing,” Miller explained. “I pride myself on really getting to know people before we take photos so that they can have a tailor-made, customized photo experience. I always want them to be comfortable and feel good at the end of our session.”

In selecting her new downtown location on Main Street, Miller drew on her youth and the experience of the several businesses her parents, Tom and Coni Tierney, owned on Main Street up until she was about 10 years old. In fact, her new photography studio sits nearly directly across Main Street from the former Tierney’s clothing store her family owned and operated for a number of years when she was a child.

“A big part of my childhood was spent downtown,” Miller said. “I love the old buildings and the charm that they hold. And my location offers me great exposure and the space I need to accommodate and create a unique photo experience for my customers.”

In pursuit of her long-time interest in photography, Miller says she has honed that interest with online training and trying things on her own. Being self-taught has allowed her the trial and error process that she has polished into her own craft while raising her family with her husband, Joe, owner of Prime Electric in Waukon.

Their family includes four children: Cora (age 13), Tessa (age 11), Kate (age 6) and Ben (age 3). They also have a cat and a dog and live in rural Waukon, Miller returning to her native hometown after a brief living experience in Cedar Falls.

Miller says the one biggest challenge she has experienced in running her own business is trying to accommodate everyone. “I feel so bad when I have to tell someone that I’m already booked,” she explained.

With the opening of her new studio, Miller is currently welcoming all types of photography opportunities, wanting to eventually find her own niche and perhaps specialize in family or maternity photography. As she works her way toward finding her own specialty, she welcomes inquiries of any kind.

“I invite anyone to reach out and ask any questions or to just come look at the studio, if they want,” Miller welcomed. “I’m always happy to meet with potential customers.”

Tatum Miller Photography is currently open by appointment. Those appointments can be created by calling 563-380-4397 or by contacting her through her website at www.tatummillerphotography.com.