Repelling mosquitoes and ticks this summer

from the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH)

Insect repellents prevent mosquito bites and repellents with DEET also prevent tick bites. Follow these guidelines when using repellent with DEET:
1. Read and follow all directions.
2. Use only when outdoors and wash skin with soap and water after coming indoors.
3. Do not put on wounds or broken skin.
4. Higher concentrations of DEET mean that the repellent effect lasts longer, but lower concentrations repel just as well.
5. Products containing DEET can be used on adults and children older than two months of age.
6. When using a sunscreen at the same time as a repellent, remember the sunscreen goes on first, followed by the repellent.

Additional actions can also reduce risk of getting a mosquito or tick bite:
1. Avoid being outdoors at dusk and dawn.
2. Reduce mosquito breeding sites such as buckets, bowls and old tires.
3. Replace or repair torn window screens.
4. Wear light-colored clothing.
5. After being outside, check bodies, clothing, children, and pets for ticks.
6. Reduce tick habitat around homes by removing leaves, brush and woodpiles.
For more information, contact Veterans Memorial Hospital Community and Home Care at 563-568-5660.