Blood donation matters; Blood drive scheduled for Monday, October 3

How many know how much blood is needed by certain patients? Here are some facts from the LifeServe Blood Center.

• Cancer patients can use up to eight units of blood a month.
• Bone Marrow Transplant patients can use up to two units a day.
• Cardiovascular Surgery patient can use between two and 25 units.
• Liver Transplant patients can use up to 100 units.
• Auto/Trauma Accident patients can use five to 100 units.
• Premature infants can use up to one to four units.
• Burn victims can use up to 20 units of platelets.
• Heart surgery patients can use up to three to eight units of red cells and one to 10 units of platelets.
• Organ transplant patients can use 10-30 units of blood.

The next LifeServe Blood Center blood drive will be held Monday, October 3 from 12-5 p.m. at First Baptist Church in south Waukon. Regular blood donors may donate blood as often as every 56 days. First-time donors will find that donating blood is a safe and easy way to save lives and make a difference in the community. One single blood donation can save the lives of up to three sick or injured hospital patients.

The donation process is simple:

1. Eat a healthy meal and drink plenty of fluids at least four hours prior to donating.
2. Bring proper identification, such as a donor card or a driver’s license.
3. Complete a health history questionnaire and screening interview.
4. Receive a brief health check by trained staff.  This includes a check of blood pressure, pulse, temperature and blood iron levels.
5. Sit back while a unit of blood, approximately one pint, is collected, a process that takes about 10 minutes.
6. Enjoy refreshments while relaxing for 10-15 minutes before leaving the facility.

The blood that is collected is tested carefully. In fact, all blood that is collected by any blood collection center is tested the same, according to the federal regulations.

To help maintain Iowa’s blood supply, donate at the Waukon Community Blood Drive, Monday, October 3 at the First Baptist Church in south Waukon. Appointments are required. To schedule an appointment, call the LifeServe Blood Center at 800-287-4903.