Harpers Ferry residents easily pass Hotel/Motel Tax

Residents of the community of Harpers Ferry overwhelmingly passed a Public Measure imposing a 7% Hotel/Motel Tax in the community, effective January 1, 2023. Nearly 88% of the 66 voters who cast a ballot in the Tuesday, September 13 special election voted “Yes” - compiling a 58-8 margin in favor of the measure. Just under 27% of the 247 registered voters in the community cast a ballot in the special election.

Labeled Public Measure AM on the September 13 ballot, the approved measure will now impose a 7% tax on all rented sleeping rooms or sleeping quarters within the Harpers Ferry city limits, beginning with the start of the new year, with City of Harpers Ferry officials noting that will include 15 facilities within the community at the present time. The measure states that at least half of that tax revenue will be used for park and recreation programs and facilities for the City of Harpers Ferry, with application of the remaining revenue yet to be determined by the Harpers Ferry City Council.