Contest to find the biggest trees at Yellow River State Forest is taking place during October

Friends of Yellow River State Forest has a fun new contest this fall. The organization wants visitors to explore the forest and help locate the largest White Pine, Maple, Oak (any variety), Cottonwood and Cedar trees in Yellow River State Forest.

To enter the contest, include:
1) the type of tree;
2) the circumference of the tree measured three feet off the ground;
3) An accurate location of the tree, either by GPS coordinates or a concise description (for example, 20 yards west/northwest from post #5 in Luster Heights unit);
4) A photo of the tree (not required but recommended).

The person who finds the largest tree of each variety will win a Friends of Yellow River T-shirt, two free nights camping and bragging rights. Entries will be accepted via email or Facebook Messenger from October 1 to October 30. Winners will be announced mid-November.

Suggested tips when searching for Yellow River State Forest’s largest trees:
• Remember, cedar trees grow very slowly and will not be as large in circumference as other trees.
• Remember, it is only okay to leave the trail on foot... bikes, horses, etc. are not allowed off-trail. ATVs and UTVs are not allowed on any trail (roads only).
• Participants can either take along a tape measure for measuring or carry a piece of string and a marker (mark the measurement on the string and then determine the length in inches once at home).
• Google Maps allows participants to obtain GPS coordinates, but may not work without a cell signal. There are also other free mapping apps. Those not using a GPS app are asked be as detailed as possible when describing the location of the tree. If the trees can’t be found to verify the size, that entry can’t win.

Email entries to no later than October 30.