Keeping it safe when exercising outdoors in cold weather this winter

Exercising is important to do all year-round. One should not feel that they need to stay indoors to exercise during cold weather. A good workout outdoors in the winter can be very exhilarating. Just follow the steps below for keeping it a safe outdoor winter workout:

• Warm up longer than usual before heading outdoors in cold weather.
• Keep skin dry. This in turn will keep the exerciser warmer.
• Dress accordingly using many layers. Be sure that the outer layer will break the wind. Add a fluffy layer, like fleece or wool, to trap heat in. And long underwear is good to keep the skin dry.
• Always wear a hat to prevent heat loss through the top of the head.
• Wear mittens instead of gloves to allow air to circulate better between the fingers, keeping the hands warmer.

Always be sure to exercise in a safe, well-lit area. Stay clear of any icy spots and proceed with care in snow. One never knows what may lie under those snow-covered spots.

For more information on exercising in cold weather, call the Veterans Memorial Hospital Healthy Lifestyles Rehabilitation Center at 563-568-3411.