LifeServe Blood Drive set for February 6 in Waukon

January is Blood Donor Month. Blood donations are needed everywhere, even right here in Iowa. The following are interesting blood facts on blood from LifeServe Blood Center which supplies Veterans Memorial Hospital (VMH) with its blood products:

• Every three seconds someone needs blood.
• Blood makes up about eight percent of a person’s body weight.
• Blood is needed every minute of every day; summer, winter, spring and fall.
• Scheduled surgeries are often canceled around the county due to a lack of blood.
• Donating blood includes a health check for the donor (checking blood pressure, pulse, temperature and hemoglobin) prior to donating.
• There is absolutely no way to contract any disease from giving blood.
• Blood can be split into different components (red cells, platelets, plasma, and cryoprecipitate) and used to help different types of patients.

Becoming a blood donor is easy. Blood drives are held each month in Allamakee County. The next LifeServe Blood Center blood drive will be held Monday, February 6 from 12-5 p.m. at the First Baptist Church in south Waukon.

First-time donors will find that donating blood is a safe and easy way to save lives and make a difference in the community. One single blood donation can save the lives of up to three sick or injured hospital patients.

The donation process is simple:
1. Eat a healthy meal and drink plenty of fluids at least four hours prior to donating.
2. Bring proper identification, such as a donor card or a driver’s license.
3. Complete a health history questionnaire and screening interview.
4. Receive a brief health check by trained staff. This includes a check of blood pressure, pulse, temperature and blood iron levels.
5. Sit back while a unit of blood, approximately one pint, is collected. This process takes around 10 minutes.
6. Enjoy refreshments while relaxing for 10-15 minutes before leaving the facility.

The blood that is collected is tested carefully. In fact, all blood that is collected by any blood collection center is tested the same, according to the federal regulations.

To help maintain Iowa’s blood supply, donate at the Waukon Community Blood Drive, Monday, February 6, at the First Baptist Church located off of Rossville Road in south Waukon. To schedule an appointment, call the LifeServe Blood Center at 800-287-4903.