Letter to the Editor: No to Senate File 478

To the Editor:

Governor Reynolds appears to have established a history of not listening to experts. She seems to ignore legal, medical, financial, and federal experts when their advice doesn’t match with her political agenda.

Senate File 478, introduced  by Senator Bousselot, restricts the State Auditor’s office from obtaining crucial information which could uncover government waste or wrongdoing through an independent audit. By their nature, audits are based on evidence. The State Auditor watches state agencies and government entities.

This proposed law has drawn attention from 27+ State Auditors and a former U.S. Comptroller who all declare that this proposed bill is egregious. This potential law could easily cost Iowa multiple federal dollars, including funding under federal auditing standards, as well as unknown dollars lost through hidden fraud, waste and abuse.

Because of his educational background, the senator understands there are best practices and standards for accounting and law. A lawyer’s ability to obtain all potential evidence is imperative in lawsuits. The withholding of evidence changes the outcome of the trial. The senator understands the strict standards to which auditors must be held accountable, including the ethical handling of evidence.  Without all the necessary evidence, an accurate audit cannot be complete.

Senate File 478 flies in the face of accepted national and federal standards. Don’t risk loss of federal money for multiple programs.  Don’t restrict Rob Sand’s ability to uncover all pertinent evidence including personal information.
Is payback one underlying reason for this bill? Tell your representatives to vote no on File 478.

Karen Carlton