Youth complete Babysitting Classes held at Veterans Memorial Hospital

Numerous students completed the recent Veterans Memorial Hospital Babysitting classes held Friday, April 7 at the hospital in Waukon. The classes were instructed by Corinne Cook, RN, and consisted of teaching the qualities of being a good babysitter, including basic child care, accident prevention, fire prevention and first aid. These new babysitters also learned CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and the Heimlich Maneuver in the case of a choking child.

The students who completed the Veterans Memorial Hospital Babysitting classes included Izabella Kos, Finn Rounds, Thomas Wilkes, Connor Buhl, Ellsy Koenig, Mallory Howe, Madison Howe, Maxwell Moore, Sophia Welch, Arabella Jensen, Harper Horns, Lail Curtin, Teron Curtin, Emily Reinhardt, Emery Wadsworth, Addison Wagner, Genevieve McCormick, Hannah Weigle, Evangeline Kelley, Theodore Wilkes, Olivia Muse and Laney Hanson.