Letter to the Editor: Submitted by Ann Hart

To the Editor:

For the past 30 years state victim compensation funds have covered the cost for contraception and abortion care for rape victims. Plan B works to prevent unintended pregnancy by preventing ovulation and is a highly effective method to help rape victims avoid unintended pregnancy.

These non-taxpayer offender accountability funds are separate from taxpayer funds appropriated by legislators each year in the state budget process. Most startling, a majority of those served by these funds are juvenile victims of sexual abuse.

Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird has halted this practice. She is not sure if this is an appropriate use of public funds even though these are not tax dollars. This is funding put forward from the fines, fees and penalties paid by convicted criminals.

Attorney General Bird’s decision is beyond cruel. She has taken her personal anti-abortion stance to a new level by ignoring the needs of children who have been raped and violently abused. She forgets  the majority of Iowans continue to support legal abortion in most or all cases.

Contact Attorney General Bird, Governor Reynolds, and your state representatives to return to the policy for the past 30 years to take care of the victim of sexual assault. Remember, that victim may be your daughter, or granddaughter, sister, or wife.

Ann Hart