Memorials received by Health Care Foundation

Memorials were recently received by the Veterans Memorial Health Care Foundation in memory of  Connie Mettille by Brandon Bohlen, Denise Becker, Sandra Bresnahan, Jeff and Pam Christianson, Marilyn Clark, Wayne and Tammy Cooper, Mary Cunningham, Richard and Bettina Dibert, Gordon and Louise Ellingson, James and Deborah Frick, David and Angela Gibbs, Leo Hawes, Gary and Tony Kolsrud, Mark and Marcia Kruse, Dale and Sue Lansing, Lyle and Cindy Leikvold, Joann Larson, Dave and Laurie Martin, Dave and Renee Martin, Robert and Jeanine Mathis, Russ and Mary Jo Meyer, Maury Mooney, Brad and Erin Berns, Elizabeth Regan, Rusty Berger Masonry, Inc, Joshua and Cindy Staggemeyer, Mr. and Mrs. James Thies, Linda Thompson, Betty Troendle, Chuck and Lois Votsmier, Dave and Penny Wheeler, Leola Wettstein, Ron and Kim Winters and Mary Ann Hager.
Memorials were also received in memory of Larry Gunhus by Eric and Stephanie Palmer; in memory of Dennis Regan by Diane Regan and Elizabeth Regan; in memory of Jeanette Walch by Leo and Brenda Schroeder; in memory of Donald Hartley by Joel and Teresa Sommer; in memory of Carl Mullarkey by Chuck and Lois Votsmier; in memory of Charles E. Wilson, MD, by Dr. Bill Withers; in memory of Norma Perry by Chuck and Lois Votsmier; and in memory of Eda Halverson by Carl and Julie Johnson and Chuck and Lois Votsmier; Memorials were also received in memory of Dale Reiser by John and Lorna Kerndt, Patsy Kerndt, Dorothy Sandry, Chuck and Lois Votsmier and Elaine Reiser.