Letter to the Editor: Submitted by Lowell Engle

To the Editor:

The stench from Washington is increasing by the day. Seems there is no end to it and it is obvious that now both parties are adding to it!

The most recent folly is that of trying to select a Speaker of the House. The Republican Party has the majority in Congress, yet, because of personality conflicts and petty infighting they have been unable to come up with a leader.

We do not know the full story on what has been going on in the halls of Congress in their efforts to elect a speaker. We do know that there has been entirely too much posturing by certain members of Congress and not enough common sense displayed every day.

It should have been easy to select Jim Jordan as the speaker after some members of the party chose to destroy Kevin McCarthy, and now Jordan has been pushed out of the contest. Reminds one of a circular firing squad.

It seems this all started when Florida Representative Matt Gaetz came out against McCarthy, which threw the contest into a real donneybrook. There was no real reason given by Gaetz when he announced he would not support McCarthy, but there seemed to be a whole lot of posturing and efforts on Gaetz’s part to draw attention to himself rather than seek a solution and help elect a speaker. All members of Congress need to be reminded that they are in D.C. to serve the people.

This infighting in Congress temporarily drew attention away from the corruption in the Biden family.  However, that is now back in the news with the revelation that Joe Biden paid cash for a nearly $3 million home on the beach in Delaware.  For more than thirty years Joe Biden complained that he was the poorest member of Congress. So, where did this cash come from?

In recent days with all the attention being focused on the Middle East conflict no attention has been paid to the investigation into the millions of dollars paid to the Biden family through Hunter Biden. That investigation must go forward. We know that Hunter received somewhere in the area of $10 million from Communist China and about $3 million from a donor in Russia.

It would be nice if main stream media took this situation seriously. But we all know they are simply carrying water for the Democrat Party. Encourage our representatives to follow this through to the end with the hope that this corruption can be brought to an end.

Lowell Engle
Harpers Ferry