Letter to the Editor: Submitted by Sherri Lyons

To the Editor:

Marriage has been an institution culturally protected, a designated, legal union of individuals. One in which, today, is a desired place for many, bringing equality into a relationship.

Historically, marriage wasn’t all so equal among its partners. In today’s world, the central focus of the union tends to be support for one another and creating an environment in which both succeed as an equal unit.

Waukon, let’s be a supporter of equality in relationships. We have unions with equal dual income families, stay at home partners, both of which are supportive and contributing to career and financial equality. When one contributes to a cause, they both do. When a check is written to a non-profit, both partners deserve recognition. When one donates towards a brick, bench, ball diamond, livestock at the fair, they both do. A singular thank you to only one partner is far from appropriate.

Transparency requires my acknowledgment of recognition to only my partner’s financial contributions, more than once. I’m most certain several reading this will recognize those moments when one partner has been treated “less than”.  We can do better and acknowledge both individuals.  The next time we encounter the opportunity to respect the union of two, respect requires mention of both involved.

Sherri Lyons