Letter to the Editor: Submitted by Ann Hart

To the Editor:

Remember when they said, “Don’t worry! Women’s right to abortion is established law. The Supreme Court will never overturn it.” Until they did, ending 50 years of precedent to deprive a woman control over her body. States are banning abortion causing dangerous health circumstances for pregnant women, creating a shortage of doctors, and legal chaos.

Now the right to contraception is at risk. One of the presidential candidates has said he is “looking at” contraception restrictions. Last week Senators Grassley and Ernst and 37 other U.S. Senators voted against protecting access to contraception (Right to Contraception Act,) a bill that offered national protection for contraception.

In truth, the supporters of extremism are coming after the contraception choices men and women are making in the privacy of their own homes. They want to take away our freedom to make our choices about our body in the privacy of our own home. The ability to control when we have children has caused the dramatic increase in women’s education and degrees, as well as the ability to participate in the labor market. Two income families have become the norm.

Your personal freedom is under attack. What will you do?

Ann Hart