Hagen family reunion

The descendants of Gulbrand and Agnet Hagen will be meeting this Sunday, July 15 at the Hagen Pond two miles west of Waterville on Highway X32.

Gulbrand and Agnet sailed to America in July 1854 with their young daughter, Martha. Their son, Peter, was born in a box car near Chicago before they were able to reach their destination of the “Paint Creek Prairies”.

Their children included:

Martha Hagen, born April 20, 1852, who married Torkel Leikvold;
Peter Hagen, born October 6, 1854, who married Ellen Paulson;
Christena Hagen, born December 22, 1856, who married Otto L. Sorenson;
Hannah Hagen, born February 10, 1859, who married John Fossum;
Halvor Hagen, born January 23, 1861, who married Lizzie Osterholtz;
Nicoline Hagen, born February 12, 1863, who married Louis A. Wellman;
Edward Hagen, born May 31, 1865, who married Mary Salvison;
Otto Hagen, born October 22, 1867, who married Minnie Johnson;
Albert Hagen, born April 22, 1870, who married Karen Lyse;
Melvin Hagen, born July 12, 1878, who married Marguerite Bannerman.

All those who can trace their ancestry to any of the names listed are invited to attend and share stories.

There will be a potluck meal at noon followed by time to share family updates, old pictures and family heirlooms. All descendants of Gulbrand and Agnet Hagen are invited to attend to learn more about their family tree.

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