Letter to the Editor: Democracy is alive in Peru - in jeopardy from Progressives in the U.S.

To the Editor:

I look forward to the dinner Mr. Hill is going to provide me! Hope I do not have to wait three or four years.

Mr. Hill would do well to take a close look at what is happening in Peru right now.  What happened in 1992 is history. Fujimori went to prison for his excesses. I was there. I repeat, democracy is alive and well there.

I wonder why Mr. Hill did not mention Chile in his examples of how outsiders destroy democracy. Salvador Allende did so in Chile for a while, imposing Communism on the country until he was overthrown by a military coup. Chile is now being proclaimed as the best run country in South America, because of democracy and capitalism.

Robert Mueller’s probe has proven nothing regarding collusion in spite of the opinion of Mr. Hill that President Trump is the most corrupt American president in modern times. The only thing Mueller’s probe has proven is that Paul Manafort was involved in illegal activity long before he was involved in the Trump campaign. The only person to conspire/collude with the Russians was Hillary Clinton.

I repeat, Mr. Hill’s use of the example of Hitler rising to power in Germany was deliberately inflammatory.  Time to stop this.

The President’s attacks on the DOJ and the FBI are warranted. Who was just fired by the FBI for his anti-Trump rants? That would be Peter Strzok, who was initially in charge of the collusion investigation. The president has the power and authority to fire FBI directors and he did so with good cause. Mr. Hill should learn, maybe from the mainstream media, but certainly from FOX News, why Mr. Comey was fired.

President Obama did more to inflame and destroy racial relations in the United States than any previous president. Do not try to put that on President Trump.

Will Mr. Hill explain to us how the president is using the office to personally enrich himself? He takes no salary and his net worth has dropped by about $1 billion since he took office. And why was it not unlawful in 2015 to separate parents from children who were here illegally? What longstanding democratic alliance has he destroyed? What I see is alliances are being asked to truly be friends, to fulfill their commitments and not be takers.

I will appeal to all to help put aside the rancor and bitterness that is becoming all too pervasive. Time to work together to ensure that democracy prevails.

Lowell Engle
Harpers Ferry


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