Letter to the Editor: Health and happiness will be theirs

To the Editor:

This letter probably should be private and personal, but the event was so overwhelmingly nice I want to write it openly to all. September 15 our great-grandson Ian and Allison were married at St. Pat’s Catholic Church here in Waukon. This beautiful church was built in 1912 and it was filled with well wishers and supporters sending best wishes to the new couple.

Now, as a great-grandfather I feel I can give some advice. I want them both to pledge to honor God by attending church service every Sunday. If they do that it will become a natural habit and hopefully some of their friends will do the same. There is nothing nicer than seeing a young, newly married couple put our Lord Jesus in their lives. Health and happiness will be theirs. God bless them.

Ozzie and Phyllis Quandahl


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