St. Patrick School students enjoy STEAM day activities...

Students at St. Patrick School in Waukon recently enjoyed a week of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) activities in computer class. These activities, some of which are pictured in the surrounding photos, implemented various aspects of the STEAM curriculum and involved such activities and technology as the Merge Cube, Augmented Reality Apps, Coding with the Colby, Building with Legos and magnets, among others. STEAM activities allow the students to become scientists, mathematicians and designers while becoming innovative thinkers that solve problems, all while using their own individual creativity. Through these activities they are able to continue to try and retry each activity or technology process, re-evaluating, redesigning and rethinking problems to create unique and inventive solutions. St. Patrick School appreciates the contributions of all who donated towards the school’s recent STEAM day activities. Submitted photos.

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