And then I wrote...

by Dick Schilling, "Editor Emeritus"

... that by now, you know who the winners were in yesterday’s midterm elections. As this is being written, October 29,1 have no clue.

I do know that I have no trust in the polls being quoted. I received the same polling call three consecutive nights last week, seeking opinions on the house district race. It was one of those “press one” type calls, so there was no way I could interrupt to say I had already taken the quiz. So I gave them the same answers three times in a row! I am sure I am not alone in that respect, so how can the poll be accurate?

At my age, I probably should not be terribly concerned about who wins what, since what the winners do isn’t likely to affect me very far into the future.

But I do care.

Partly because according to the Sunday Register editorial, I am an extremist!


Because I agree with FDR, the strong trade unionist, that government employees should not be allowed to unionize so as to bargain with elected officials.

Because I don’t think it is necessary to vote for an increase in the sales tax to bring about desired changes.

Because I believe in the guarantee of the right to bear arms.

Because I oppose late-term abortions and don’t believe it is the government’s business to provide free birth control.

Because I approve of income tax cuts for all wage earners.

Because I believe those who wish to purchase a cheaper, less inclusive health insurance policy than one dictated by government should be able to do so.

Because I believe voters should have to be able to prove they have the right to vote.

I don’t consider any of my opinions “extremist” or even out of the main stream in the middle of the country, like Iowa.

But perhaps I was born 30 years too soon to be affected by political correctness.

I don’t expect any let-up in political activity for even a second after the votes are counted.

If Republicans maintained control of the house and senate, they will pursue the president’s agenda, and Democrats will continue to fight that for two more years.

If Democrats gained control of both legislative bodies, they will attempt to undue all that the president has done, which Republicans will fight for two years.

Democrats may try to impeach both the president and the new justice even if they control just the house, but if Republicans maintain control of the senate, or even retain a strong minority, that won’t happen.

And there is always the weapon of the presidential veto to at least delay things unpleasant for him.

So don’t expect any rest, especially with a national press hostile toward conservatives, and one TV network and a host of radio talk shows hostile toward progressives.

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