Letter to the Editor: The Addams Family production is a scream

To the Editor:

How appropriate. Just the day after Halloween the Adam’s Family visited Waukon on the high school stage.  This ghoulish hysterical musical completely entertained and delighted the recently tricked and treated.

Leading the cast was Ryan VanderVelden as Gomez, the passionate, outlandish head of the household. The cool power behind the throne, Morticia, was played with delightful detachment by Leslie Halverson. Uncle Fester capturing his lunar obsession was portrayed handsomely by Sean Liddiard. Oonagh Ahouse captured Wednesday’s pluck and pique perfectly. Lurch, played by Aidan Jones, needed no words to convey his commanding presence.

Pugsley was the perfect bratty brother, as played by Ashton Gallagher, and needled his sister as only a brother can.  Denzel Decker in the role of Lucas, the love-stricken boy courting Wednesday, had us all rooting for romance to win. His parents were a hoot played by Emily Kolsrud and Robert Drew, who had us standing in the normal spot in a sea of strangeness. Grandma with no filter was played by Miann Barr, who had way too much fun.

Special kudos go to the Ancestor chorus who were perfectly pale and helpful.   What a great pit band to play favorites and fun numbers as “When you’re an Addams” and “One Normal Night”.

Clearly the cast embraced this quirky and darkly fun musical. Hats off to directors Sarah Palmer and Louise Wild bringing this new show to the Waukon stage.  Booooorahvo!

Russ Hagen


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