Splash pad being planned for City Park location in Lansing ...

At the urging of some interested citizens, the Lansing Park and Recreation Board and the Lansing City Council are planning to add a multi-activity, interactive splash pad to further enhance the 2017 Lions Club Playground Enhancement Project in the Lansing City Park area. Splash pads have become the most popular park and recreation attraction. The chosen site for the proposed splash pad has the necessary infrastructure available, an adequate water supply and the discharge piping for the removal of the waste water from the site. There are also restroom and change facilities adjacent to the site, making the location ideal for a splash pad.

The splash pad, which can be activated by children to run for a limited amount of time, typically four minutes, will provide an opportunity for an activity that is inclusive to kids of all ages (toddler to senior citizen) and abilities. Because there is no standing water, there is no need for a lifeguard. The sketch above shows the concept of the above-ground water features as well as the nozzles in the concrete surface. The size and number of water features will be determined by March 1, which will coincide with the completion of a fundraising campaign for the project. Donations are being accepted at Lansing City Hall and all donations are tax deductible. Submitted image.

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