Pat Schellsmidt finds his own little piece of “Heaven” as new franchise owner of Heaven’s Best Service Group

Heaven’s Best Service Group receives First Dollar Visit ... Heaven’s Best Service Group, providing locally owned professional cleaning services, recently received a First Dollar Visit from the Waukon Chamber of Commerce. Pictured above at that First Dollar presentation are, left to right, Sherrie Hunstad of the Waukon Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Heaven’s Best Service Group local owner Pat Schellsmidt and Tony Smith of the Waukon Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. Submitted photo.

Some years ago, Pat Schellsmidt was preparing to enter the so-called “real world”, when he graduated from Caledonia High School in 1975. After starting a family and many years of doing various types of employment, which most recently included janitorial work, Schellsmidt feels he has found his own little piece of “Heaven” as an independent business owner/operator in a carpet, upholstery, tile and grout cleaning franchise called Heaven’s Best Service Group.

Through mutual friends Adam and Rosemary Hagensick of Waverly, Schellsmidt learned of this opportunity and was encouraged to become the franchise owner for the northeast Iowa district, which includes Allamakee, Clayton, Fayette, Howard and Winneshiek counties. Schellsmidt has lived in the Waukon/Lansing area for more than 30 years and he and his wife have two children who attend school in Waukon.

While the area offers several other reputable carpet cleaning options for businesses and homeowners, Schellsmidt feels the “Heaven’s Best” system offers something unique, a low-moisture cleaning with fast dry time. So low, he says, that the carpets are dry within one hour, rather than the traditional six to 36 hours with other processes.

Schellsmidt said he went on a couple of jobs with Adam Hagensick before making his decision to purchase the franchise rights and then heading off for his schooling in carpet and upholstery cleaning.

“Adam and I went out on a job and when I saw the carpet I thought there is no way we would be able to get it clean, but before we left it was as good as new and this is what sold me on the process and the franchise. I saw how effective the process was and I was so impressed,” said Schellsmidt.

According to the new franchise owner, the low-moisture process is really the key to getting the dirt out rather than just driving it further down into the carpet. “Plus, this process does not cause the carpet fibers to unravel as some other processes may do,” Schellsmidt explained.

Schellsmidt said the first step in the cleaning process is a powerful vacuum used to remove fine dirt and particles from the carpet. Next, he will isolate any problem spots and use special franchise water-based solutions to get out any stains from mud to red dye, etc. Then he begins the main cleaning process by spraying the area with the low-moisture cleaning agents, followed by a buffering system that uses absorbent pads to take out the dirt particles and moisture.

What Schellsmidt says is the best part about this low-moisture system is that businesses do not have to shut down in order to have their carpets cleaned, nor do families have to vacate their homes or confine themselves to only one room.

When he’s not working, Schellsmidt says he has a small hobby farm near Waukon. He also enjoys gardening and growing fruit trees, and he loves to hunt and fish with his family, as well as film wildlife.

Schellsmidt said the challenge of making a decent living for himself and his family further inspired him to become a franchise owner, with the rewards of meeting and doing a good job for new people and working for himself being among the greatest personal benefits. He said working out his schedule and keeping up with bookwork and inventory needs are among the greatest challenge of owning his own business, but he has plans to continue to grow the business so his family can become a part of the business as well.

Heaven’s Best was founded in 1983 by company president/owner Cody Howard of Rexburg, ID. Over the past 30 years, it has grown into a national and international franchise brand, with claims to be the fastest growing carpet and upholstery cleaning franchise in the world.

“Being part of a franchise gives us the benefit of ongoing research and training, which is crucial to keep up with today’s fast paced and ever changing markets,” says Schellsmidt. “Plus in today’s world of ‘Going Green’ all the solutions and agents we use are very mild and environmentally safe.”

But Schellsmidt says the most important aspect to his success in this new endeavor is to strive to keep his promise to customers of 100 percent satisfaction and prompt, reliable service. “I believe I am right, reasonable and reliable,” he said. “I think my customers deserve to be treated fairly and get what they pay for, and then some.”

Schellsmidt said he is available most days from 8 a.m. “until whenever”. For more information or to set up an appointment, call Pat Schellsmidt at 563-794-0803, or visit

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