Pair of Kee High School juniors will be participating in 2019 Boys State

Kyle Conway and Dawson Sires ...

Two junior students at Kee High School in Lansing, Kyle Conway and Dawson Sires, have been selected to attend Boys State scheduled for June 9-14 of this year at Fort Dodge in Johnston. Local selection of attendees is sponsored by the Lansing American Legion Post 50, Lansing Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5981 and New Albin Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5603 .

Conway is the son of Kevin and Milissa Conway of Lansing. Sires is the son of Joel and Nicole Sires of New Albin.

Begun in 1938, Boys State is a six-day course in self government, consistently taught with a hands-on approach. The young men of 2019 Boys State, all of whom have finished their junior year of high school, will be divided into 32 cities. Four cities constitute a county and eight counties make up Boys State.

The cities are composed of members of the Nationalist and Federalist parties. The citizens within these cities hold party caucus meetings, conventions, campaigns and general elections.

Everyone has a job to fulfill at Boys State, either elected or appointed, from the governor and his staff to the Iowa State Patrol, to legislators, the mayor and his council. The color guard presents the colors - patriotism and duty to God and country are important elements at Boys State.

A daily newspaper employs reporters and photographers. The courts are supplied by their very own law school and dispense justice. The young men attending have a fully-functional Senate and House of Representatives.  Musicians will also get to participate in a Boys State Band and Chorus led by directors.

Guided by an experienced set of administrators and counselors, Boys State is made possible each year though the dedicated work of Veterans and other concerned organizations which partner with the American Legion to send the best of their youth to Boys State. It takes Kee High School teachers and staff, the Lansing American Legion, the Lansing Veterans of Foreign Wars and New Albin Veterans of Foreign Wars members to find the most interested and qualified boys to attend the annual event.

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