Letter to the Editor: Show me the cover-up

To the Editor:

In his letter to the editor June 19, Pat Ward plays the same hand being played by the Democrat Party, especially Congressman Gerald Nadler, and the main stream media. They all claim that there are so many cases of cover-ups by the Trump administration that they are too numerous to enumerate. Yet none of them can name one!

I wonder if Mr. Ward has read any portion of the Mueller report. I would remind him that this report was compiled after over 20 months of investigation by a team that really wanted to be able to charge the president with anything. And they found nothing! There was no collusion and Robert Mueller did not have courage enough to say whether or not there was any attempt to circumvent justice by the Trump administration and so Attorney General Barr stated the investigation failed to prove wrongdoing by the president.

I challenge Mr. Ward to show us one crime committed relating to the election by any member of the Trump team. I can show several abuses of power, especially in the acquisition of the FISA warrants that started the investigation. Those abuses were on the part of members of the Obama administration.

I also challenge Mr. Ward to show one crime committed against Iowa. The crimes committed by the Democrats are indeed greater than Watergate. I am anxiously awaiting the IG report and also the result of the latest investigation initiated by Attorney General Barr. I am certain one or both of those will show massive abuses of power by members of the Obama administration.  I am also just as certain that the Democrats will continue to deny their own culpability and continue to seek ways to bring down President Trump.

Mr. Ward and all Democrats would do well to show us facts and specific cases rather than throw what they believe to be mud at the wall hoping it will stick. Facts please, Mr. Ward!

Time to end this nonsense and bring the country together!

Very sincerely,
Lowell L. Engle
Harpers Ferry


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