Lansing Council reschedules hearing on water and sewer rates

by B.J. Tomlinson

The Lansing City Council met in regular session Monday, June 16. Mayor Mike Brennan opened a public hearing to select technical assistance services, general administration contracts and City Policies for the 2014 Community Development Block Grant Owner Occupied Rehabilitation Grant. As there were no comments from the public the hearing was closed and the Council approved Resolutions #845, 846 and 847, all related to the grant. The Upper Explorerland Regional Planning Commission will coordinate all aspects of  the rehabilitation of six Lansing homes. Upper Explorerland representative Lori Brockway said the application process will begin in September or October and that recipients will be selected based on income and assets. She also said Lansing has been selected as a pilot program by Main Street Iowa to determine how homes can become more energy efficient.
Because of publication deadlines, the water/sewer rate public hearing date  originally set for this week’s Council meeting was rescheduled for July 7 at 7 p.m.
The Council reviewed and approved an Iowa Department of Transportation work permit for Ric Zarwell, who requested permission to enter into the State right-of-way to remove black locust trees on the bluff along  Highway 9 across from Blackhawk Bridge.
The Council also agreed to be the fiscal agent for the Allamakee County Visioning Group’s proposed Allamakee County Community Foundation mini-grant application. The grant would provide up to $500 for the Group’s goal of establishing an attractive, maintenance-free parcel at Second Street and Blackhawk Bridge.
Lance Welsh addressed the Council regarding a $2581.73 water/sewer bill he received due to a water line break at property he owns on Diagonal Street. Welsh said none of the water went into the sewer and he asked that $1,338.56 be discounted. After discussion, the Council agreed to refund one-half of the sewer fee - $669.28.
Bill Burke requested the City pay the cost to repair a water line break at his residence. Mayor Brennan said the owners are responsible for maintenance, but after discussion, the Council agreed to pay $417.50 for the concrete used to repair the section of the street around the manhole.

In other business, the Council agreed to donate $500 to Lansing’s 4th of July Fireworks fund.
Items tabled due to insufficient information included fixing the river bank washout located next to the Mike Welsh property and a rental agreement with D.A. Love for the parking lot next to the Pilot House.