The Standard's upgraded website offers new electronic edition for the benefit of subscribers and advertisers

The Standard Newspaper recently made some changes to its website, In making the site more attractive, some new features have been added, including an all-new electronic edition of the newspaper that provides access to all the same news and advertising printed each week in a convenient online format.
"We're excited to be able to offer a new option for delivery of our newspaper," said Assistant Editor and website administrator Bob Beach. "With the new e-edition, readers have the option to view the pages of our newspaper exactly as they appear in print on their computers, tablets and smartphones. We hope this option will ease some of the frustration caused by slowed delivery of the print edition due to recent changes in the U.S. Postal Service."
Beach added that the e-edition is currently free, but after an introductory period, subscriptions to the e-edition will be sold at the local area subscription rate of $41 per year.
Another feature of the new site is a secure payment processor, so readers of both the print and electronic editions of the newspaper can purchase subscriptions or renewals online using credit cards.
"We hope that our readers will enjoy the new web site, but we also hope that advertisers will notice that the new site offers more opportunities to reach more people," said Managing Editor Jeremy Troendle. "The new site offers more space for our advertisers while still providing important news online. The added e-edition of the newspaper also offers everyone an opportunity to subscribe to exactly the same news and advertising online as The Standard publishes in its print edition each week, no matter where they may be located."
Troendle said one of the greatest advantages of the e-edition is that area natives who live far away, including overseas, can now have access to the same news as print subscribers at the same time as those local subscribers. "Those who currently experience mailing delays of a few days, or even a week or more in some cases, can now have access to that same news even earlier, and at an even lower cost than their print subscription. And those who have had difficulties with the 'B' section stuffed inside each week's edition getting lost in the mail delivery will no longer have that worry, either."
"It's a way for us to better serve our loyal subscribers who want to keep up on what's going on in their hometown, and also a way for area business and organizations to advertise their message to a much broader audience," Troendle continued. "The entire newspaper page you once held in your hand will now be available on the screen of your computer, tablet or smartphone. It's a step in the right direction toward keeping up with today's technology."
The e-edition can be found on The Standard's website,, by clicking on the white "E-EDITION" link in the black box located just below the red "STANDARD" masthead. Those e-editions are currently free of charge for the public to view and get used to, but within the next several weeks will only be available by subscription.
For more information, visit The Standard's new site at or call The Standard newspaper office at 563-568-3431. Feedback on the new website or the e-edition is also welcomed at that same office phone number or to