Hammell family gathering held

Many descendants and friends of George and Bess (Wall) Hammell gathered at the New Albin Community Center for a reunion Sunday, August 3. Those present came from Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Utah, California, Illinois, South Carolina and Colorado.
Those in attendance included: Alberta Troendle; John, Larry, Zachary and Dalon Troendle; Jerry and Marilyn Troendle; Jerry and Alice, Jeannie and Evie Clemments; Betsy Shew; Ann Delaney; Mary Westerhaus; George, Susan and Erin Troendle, Jessica, Georgia and Jace Troendle; Tracy, Darcy and Evelyn Dibert; Pauline Blaskowski; Dan Blaskowski; Ernie Blaskowski; Karren Sandvig; Pauline Sebenaler; Phillip, Olga and Danielle Hammell; Marlene and Loren Springborn; Mark, Tina and Greg Schieber; Sara Pohlman; Mike and Cullen Mulac; Gerald and Earl Hammell; Kris Anderson; George Hammell; Joe Hammell; Anna Meiners; Pat Hammell; Tom Hammell; Ed and Jan Hammell; Esther Walleser; Esther Neidert; Steve and Rita Thom; Fred, Nedia, Natasha, Michelle and Ethan Walleser; Rachel, Jaylen and Summer Walleser; Jean Ottoway; Austhan Walleser; Tom, Danielle, Brady and Colin Cripe; Jason Delaney; Allen and Dianne Walleser; Renee Delaney; Chris Herbst; Dan and Mary Delaney; Anita, Araina, Daniel and Alexander Schauer; Melvin, Christine, Todd and Blake Walleser; Larry Hammel; Jim and Ila Hammell; Kevin Hammell; Wilhelmina and Gerald Finkral; Margaret Blake; and Gene and Patty Burroughs.