Lonning family reunion held

The descendants of Lennie and Leona (Hanson) Lonning gathered together Saturday, August 9 for their 6th biennial family reunion and picnic.  The reunion was held at the home farm in Jefferson Township (1028 Jefferson Road, Waukon). Twenty-four people were in attendance.  Those present were:
Roger family: Roger and Marge Lonning (Albert Lea, MN); Stuart and Grace Lonning (Aberdeen, SD); Steve Lonning (Ellendale, MN).
Philip’s family: Philip and Carole Lonning (Humbolt).
Charles’ family: Greg and Kealy Lonning and daughters Summer and Shanae (Decorah).
Frank’s family: Frank and Donna Lonning (Waukon); Revelyn Lonning (Waukon); Michelle (Lonning) and Jerry Donahue (Waukon); Cory and Samantha Donahue and daughters Gracelyn and Addison (Harper Ferry); Becky (Lonning) and Tim Paxston (LeClaire).
Gary’s family: Gary and Pam Lonning (Waukon).
Frank gave the prayer, followed by a delicious potluck meal. Hosts were Michelle and Jerry Donahue, who live on the home place. The families were given a tour of the new house that was built replacing the old two-story farm house.