Letter to the Editor: Corn Days Committee outdid themselves

To the Editor:
Bravo to the Waukon Corn Days Committee. They outdid themselves this year. It was a great time for many people of varied interests and lasted for a number of days. I heard many good comments from young and old, city and country folks.
The 1940s Corn Days organizers have nothing on you  people. You did a great job. Lock in those dates, tweak it in a few areas and they will come. You showed area people that Waukon knows how to entertain, which is nothing new. “Remember the capacity Threshing Days crowds.”
The car show was great and quite entertaining, as well as the parade, sweet corn feed and even the dog show. Just keep building on it, involve more people and groups.
The park was filled to capacity Sunday with many fun events. Anyone who was not involved this year but would like to get in on the action in 2015, speak up or contact the chamber office or a Corn Days member. Our neighboring city’s Nordic Fest doesn’t just happen, nor does Fish Days in Lansing.
While we’re at it, Howards Home Furnishings should be commended for staying with it and not giving up after the fire. A lesser business may have thrown in the towel. Once they get up and running, patronize them - they’ve earned it. Keep the money local and the whole community benefits.

Jim Magner

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