Letter to the Editor: Make good use of your right to vote

To The Editor:
We have probably all noticed all of the political ads showing up all over by signs in yards, newspapers, radio and television. It may be overwhelming, but this is a necessary part of our elective system. We must use as much of this information as possible to help us form an opinion on who best qualifies for the office position in question.
We must make good use of our right to vote in all elections, because, if we don’t, there may be a day when we no longer have that right. And besides, do we really want people on the state and national level making decisions for us when they don’t have the same values and/or beliefs that we do?
So, listen, watch and even take notes if necessary, then when election time arrives, we can feel confident that we are voting for the “best” person.

Kathy Kruse

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