Newly-formed New Albin Improvement League (NAIL) hopes to create a better community

A newly-organized volunteer group hopes to “NAIL” down a better New Albin community, and is welcoming any assistance in doing so.
The New Albin Improvement League (NAIL) was formed this summer to rejuvenate what was formerly known as the Betterment Committee in hopes of doing the same to the New Albin community by bringing new and exciting events to be enjoyed by the citizens and families of New Albin and surrounding communities. New Albin residents Alexie Grotegut and Hope Lemke came together to breathe new life into the committee; they set up an initial meeting and the newly-named “NAIL” was formed. With the support of about 15 other community members, as well as many businesses in town, events are already underway.

The first event NAIL is planning is a Neighbors Day scheduled for Saturday, October 4. One of the goals of the committee is to help to bring the people of New Albin together. The members of NAIL realize that New Albin has a higher population of elderly citizens and want to be sure the first NAIL event touches as many different populations as possible. At Neighbors Day, a group of volunteers including committee members, citizens and students will work on projects submitted by New Albin citizens relating to fall and winter preparation that need to be done for elderly or disabled citizens. Examples of those projects include raking leaves, washing windows, or cleaning up garages and yards in preparation for the upcoming winter season, along with any other small tasks those citizens may need a little help with. Following completion of the projects, a small meal will be provided for all volunteers.

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