Inaugural Waukon Community Meal deemed "a successful, well-received beginning"

The first of what is anticipated to be many Waukon Community Meals was held at First Presbyterian Church in Waukon Monday, September 29, and event organizers say that "by all signs, it was a successful, well-received beginning." It was estimated that approximately 175 people were served at the inaugural event, not including the kitchen and dining room workers. Zion United Church of Christ in Waukon provided, prepared and served this first meal, with a broad cross-section of ages witnessed as both attending the event and helping with preparation, serving and clean-up.
“It is good to be able to come together for a meal that just asks people to come in and enjoy themselves," said Karen Carlton, member of the Waukon Community Meals Committee. "Our hope is to build up our community one meal at a time. This will continue to be a free, no-strings-attached meal for our community to share. It’s intent is not to be a fund-raising meal nor one being held because an individual or family is experiencing some sort of serious problems and needs assistance. It is just community gathering. It was good to see families with children as well as groups of neighbors and friends gathering to share a meal."
One interesting and evolving aspect of the community meals is called "Waukon Connects" and involves a poster hanging at the mealsite which enables people to list items they need and others to list items that they don’t need and are willing to let go of. Organizers say that as people begin to feel comfortable with the meals, it is hoped that more people will take advantage of this simple, yet potentially very helpful service.
The next Waukon Community Meal will be Monday, October 27 from 5-7 p.m. It will again be held at the First Presbyterian Church with the Knights of Columbus providing and serving the meal. The organizers of Waukon Community Meals once again invite the community to come and enjoy another meal and the feeling of community. Standard photo by Bob Beach.